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Cialis is the popular medication for the erectile dysfunction in men which is based on such active substance as Tadalafil. Learn more about how to take Cialis and which side effects it may cause here.

What is Cialis and which health problems can you solve using it?

Everybody has heard about Viagra but not all people know about Cialis and other drugs which have been designed with the same aim as Viagra and its generics. The main function of all these drugs is to help men in improving their erection and feeling confident with the beloved woman. Cialis is not an exception and it aims at treating the erectile dysfunction in men older than 18 years old till the age of 75. It is also used for the treatment of urinary problems in men.

How to take Cialis?

Cialis can be taken after visiting your doctor who should prescribe the drug after examining you. If you are not contraindicated to the use of Cialis, then your healthcare specialist will prescribe the doses which will suit you taking into account your health condition. Cialis can be used according to the two types of schemes: You use Cialis directly before having a sexual intercourse in the dose not more than 20 mg which is the maximum recommended dose in case of not having any kidney and liver problems ( for those who have the health problems with these organs -10 mg). You use Cialis as the medication for improving your men’s health at least twice a week (5-10 mg each time depending on the doctor’s prescription) Middle-aged men are encouraged to take20 mg of Cialis. Cialis intake should be at least 16 minutes prior to an anticipated sexual activity, regardless of the meal. Patients can perform attempt of an intercourse at any time within 36 hours after dosing in order to set the optimal response time to the drug. The maximum recommended frequency of reception - 1 time per day. For older men special dose adjustment is required. Recommendations for receiving the drug for middle-aged men are also applicable to elderly patients. Patients with impaired renal function require specific dose adjustment. Note: Don’t drink alcohol or eat too fatty food before taking Cialis as both of them are able to affect the result of the drug, influencing the time which it may start working and making it longer.

Which health problems may prevent you from using Cialis?

Patients suffering from:
  • not stable blood pressure (either high or low),
  • heart diseases
  • recent heart attack
  • recent stroke
  • individual sensitivity to the main active ingredient of Cialis-Tadalafil
  • liver and kidney diseases( with caution)
  • If you have at least one of the mentioned diagnoses, it is recommended not to ignore them and to tell your healthcare specialist about the health problems you have in order not to make things worse using Cialis.

Are there any possible side effects which Cialis may cause?

Any medication may cause some negative effects and Cialis as well. According to the men who have already used Cialis as their medication for erectile dysfunction, have reported that they experienced the following side effects while taking Cialis: an allergic reaction in case of sensitivity to the main component in the form of swelling, itching, redness, headaches, temporary eyesight problems.


If you notice one of the mentioned side effects or experience some negative effect of Cialis which wasn’t in the list above, it is necessary to inform your doctor even in case you think it is not very serious. The task of the pharmacist is to examine you in order to understand if you are able to use Cialis longer or you need to substitute it with some other analog due to having an unwanted reaction of your body.

Caution should be used while taking Cialis if you have a predisposition to priapism (e.g., sickle-cell anemia, multiple myeloma or leukemia), or in patients with anatomical deformation of the penis (for example, angulation, cavernous fibrosis or Peyronie's disease). The patient should be informed of the necessity of getting an immediate treatment in the event of an erection, which continues for 4 hours or more. Untimely treatment of priapism causes damage to tissues of the penis, as a result of this loss long-term potency may take place.

Which effect does Cialis have in patients who have heart diseases?

It is well-known that patients suffering from heart problems or having the heart attack during the last three months are not recommended to have sexual relations at all as they may worsen the health condition. Cialis should be prescribed by your doctor only after considering your individual health history.
Which benefits can Cialis provide its users?
Cialis promises to be effective for erectile dysfunction in men who suffer from problems in their personal life. The drug is going to improve the quality of your life and the life of your sexual partner by providing you with the strong erection able to last longer than you could imagine. How can Cialis provide men with the advantages of having brighter sexual relations? To answer this question it is necessary to reveal the secret of its work. It performs two main functions which in their turn are able to give a man taking Cialis the erection of his dream. The functions are the following:
Cialis relaxes blood vessels of the penis
Cialis allows flow of blood to the penis
Cialis doesn’t perform the role of the stimulator, it means that it will work only in case you are sexually aroused. The principle of its work allows having the natural intercourse which is going to take place exactly when it should be.
How quickly after taking Cialis are you going to enjoy the result of its work?
Usually after taking Cialis men admit that they notice the desired effect in 16 minutes. However, the normal time for Cialis is within half an hour. It may depend on some individual characteristics and the stage of erectile dysfunction. Cialis is going to work during 36 hours which means that during this period of time you may have sexual intercourse when you want it and not to be afraid that you won’t be able to have erection.
Which analogs of Cialis can be chosen?
In case you have an allergic reaction after using Cialis or any other reason of changing the medication, you can choose among the analogs: Levitra, Viagra and its generics. The generics of Cialis are Tadajoy and Tadarise.


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Tim Masters 00:01:29 01/03/18

The drug Cialis Tadalafil was recommended to me by a specialist in the clinic where I underwent examination. Such pills are very positive for my body. The potency has improved, and the erection is just steel. The sexual act has increased in time, than my wife is very happy. Excellent tool, try it. And the price is very affordable on the site.

Jade Richard 10:10:50 15/02/18

It turned out That cialis pills extend their validity not for a few hours, but for a couple of days. My wife does not like experiments, but even she noted a beneficial effect on my manhood after taking the drug. Still - on the love of the game for the first time we spent almost the whole day. And while male power in me has not diminished.

Darwin Dupiton 23:56:29 05/01/18

Cialis 20 mg - a wonderful tool. Many times cheaper for the same Viagra, but on the strength of the effect there is no difference. Acquired ten pieces in a dosage of 20 mg., but after a few applications quite strongly regretted it. The effect is strong - without any break for two or three full act is enough for me. My problem is that ten Grand is still very small. You had to buy in larger quantities, or in larger dosage ( 40 mg. I Think that this dose would almost certainly be possible to use a tablet and half. Accordingly, enough of the drug for a longer period ). From side effects I note a small sweating, which, however, is inherent always after taking any of the generics. Cheeks blush a little, but it is possible again because of sweating.

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